This Privacy Policy sets out how the Android app «Cyclos App» uses and protects your personal data that you provide, or that is otherwise obtained or generated.

Collected information

As the creator/maintainer of Cyclos App, Gabriel Estrada, DO NOT COLLECT ANY PERSONAL DATA.

Cyclos App saves all settings and workout related data on the device. This includes:

  • settings
  • GPS samples recorded during the workout
  • aggregated workout data
  • interval sets

How the data is used

The data is used to record your workouts and display statistics after your workouts.

Please also view the Permissions-Statement that explains why Cyclos App needs the permissions it requests:

This describes why the app needs the permissions it requests:

  • ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION: this is needed record your workout with the screen turned off (for Android 10+)
  • INTERNET: Fetching the map tiles / Upload GPS-traces to OpenStreetMap
  • BLUETOOTH: Voice Announcements, check if headphones are connected
  • BLUETOOTH_ADMIN: Use heart rate sensors
  • WAKE_LOCK: Stay awake while recording
  • FOREGROUND_SERVICE: Start the recording service
  • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Import backups and GPX files
  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Export backups and GPX files

What data is shared

Private information are NEVER shared without your consent.

If you choose to upload your workouts as GPS-traces to OpenStreetMap in order to improve the map quality the workout route will be transferred to the OpenStreetMap Foundation so please refer to their Privacy Policy to learn more about how the data is used. Cyclos App gives the option to protect your routes so they are publicly not linked to your account by choosing the visibility option «private». Further Cyclos App is able to cut the start and finish of your uploaded route to hide the location where you started (e.g. your home location).

Usage of the map

The map displayed in Cyclos App is loaded from OpenStreetMap. Please refer to their Privacy Policy to learn more about how the data are used that you provide with your map requests such as your IP-address.


Cyclos App is a HARDFORK of FitoTrack source code 


We are currently in an Alpha version. We are constantly updating. enjoy the cryptocurrency system